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After much hard work and much redrafting I am pleased to say that a Treatment and a working Screenplay are now completed for this project. Join us as we explore the tumultuous world of Harry Clifton, a figure whose life story reads like a novel, filled with grandeur, crisis, and heartbreak…” Explaining History We will […]

Naturally Insane! West End Criterion Theatre

“What a great show…Steve Royle as Dan leno was superb. Brilliant to see a cameo role for the magnificent John Thomson. Bravo David Slattery-Christy for the script” (Rick Blackman) Yesterday at the beautiful Criterion Theatre in London’s West End we created some magic and brought Dan Leno and his story back to a new audience […]

5 Star Reviews for “Totally Fabulous” Ghost Lights: Ivor Novello & His Leading Ladies

GHOST LIGHTS received an enthusiastic reception from a brilliant full house audience on Friday 11th December at Marylebone’s Hinde Street Church. West End singers Fenton Gray (Ivor Novello) and Rosemary Ashe (Dorothy Dickson) , Rebecca Louise Dale (Mary Ellis) and Jutstina Kehinde (Elisabeth Welch) gave a brilliant performance and evoked the magic of these stars […]