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David is an Oxford born award-winning playwright and author featured on BBC Radio and TV. He was the Ivor Novello Consultant on Robert Altman and Julian Fellowes OSCAR and BAFTA winning film GOSFORD PARK.


BBC Radio 3 – Composer of the Week – Ivor Novello

With Donald Macleod, David Slattery-Christy, Rosy Runciman and Billy Differ

Royal Palace Gardens – Blackpool’s Lost Victorian Pleasure Gardens – Now released!

He is currently developing a new play based on the volatile realtionship between opera composer Puccini and his wife


Special Edition – for the Centenary of the USA entering WW1 – 8th April 2017

Mildred on the Marne. MIldred Aldrich Frontline Witness 1914-1918

New play in development based on the relationship between A.L Rowse and Adam von Trott

Other People’s Fu**ing! An Oxford Affair

(Amazon 5* reviews)

5 star rating

In Search of Ruritania – The Life & Times of Ivor Novello

“As latecomers to Gosford Park, we were intrigued by the more than passing references to Ivor Novello. The book is a delightful look into the life and work of the composer of “Keep The Home Fires Burning” and will surely keep your interest on a coast-to-coast flight.” (2016)

Phil Stevens – Los Angeles

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Ivor Novello & Gosford Park

BBC Radio 3 will feature Ivor Novello as
Composer of the Week, Christmas 2016

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