Mildred on the Marne – Centenary Edition for USA Entering WW1 in 1917

Delighted to announce that my biography on American Mildred Aldrich is available in hardback for this year’s centenary of the USA entering WW1. The anniversary will be on 8th April, 2017. Mildred was overjoyed back in 1917 and had campaigned hard for her homeland to enter the war on the side of the Allies. Her home overlooking the Marne Valley in France had been at the forefront of the war – she stayed for the duration to help British and French soldiers. Her accounts of life for French civilians trying to live their daily lives whilst the conflict raged is also fascinating.

“The Stars & Stripes are flying at my gate, and they are flying all over France. What is more they will be flying – if they are not already – over Westminster, for the first time in history.”

Mildred Aldrich/ April 1917

More details coming soon.

Published by the History Press and Spellmount in the UK and the USA

Mildred on the Marne. Mildred Aldrich, Frontline Witness 1914-1918

Book Cover – Mildred’s House La Creste at Huiry, France – Amelie, Mildred’s friend and femme de manage